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Selective Vacations Pvt. Ltd. is a premier and prestigious tours and travel management company. It is motivated and driven by hardcore professionals from Indian Tourism industry. We as a team understand the discerning needs of our guests. These needs have various shades and dimensions like the selection of hotels, itinerary which ensures that one gets to watch and feel maximum number of destinations with leisure in-built, cost optimization, honest practices, quality of service, ensuring that guests feel home even being away from home and transparent interaction. Selective Vacations Pvt. Ltd. is driven by this ethos and delivers its commitments to all its guests who opt for India tour. Selective Vacations Pvt. Ltd. provides complete travel solutions like Group Tours, Individual Tours, Luxury as well as Budget Tours and Family Tours. Selective Vacations Pvt. Ltd. provide complete services to the tourist and business traveller right from the arrival into India, till their departure from the country. Utmost care and attention is given for selecting appropriate hotels and specific services requested for. Through our nationwide network of associates in India and Nepal, efforts are made to ensure that any trip with us, to this part of world becomes a memorable one.

Our Holiday packages are planned to give you the finest combination of the culture, traditions and cuisine including all the famous destinations. Our travel arrangement not only enables you to visit the historical monuments but also give ample opportunities to oblige with the local people, explore the local markets and witnesses the lifestyle of the people. Our tours include the major sites and monuments, the countryside and villages, perhaps a wildlife reserve, some relaxation – a beach or a mountain resort, and more. The experience is greatly enhanced by using a variety of accommodations, varying the modes of transportation and the inclusion of local cultural colourful events.

Our Vision

“To be the Preferred Choice for clients and business partners”


To ensure customer satisfaction; to provide service with care and precision; to present holidays as a life time memorable experience. Tales from India Tours Core Values – We leave no stone unturned in maintaining and living up to our core values of Commitment, Trust and Customer Service, which we have imbibed and nurtured since the inception of the company. Our Commitment is to keep up with the promises made to our foreign associates, clients and partners, while we strive hard to maintain the Trust reposed in us by them and maintain confidentiality of sensitive information. As Customer Service is the focal point of our organization, we relentlessly search for and create new ways to improve our products and services to clients.

With dedicated efforts of providing the best tour packages in India, our company has managed to earn the trust and being the most reliable and reputed Vacation Trip Planner in India.